How to reserve a taxi transfer from airport in Podgorica with the Taxi Travel Montenegro ?


If you want our taxi driver to meet you at Podgorica airport and drive you to any city in Montenegro or further, you can reserve a taxi  transfer in one of two ways:

  1. Via call or SMS at +382 69 949 197, or use WhatsApp or Viber apps, therefore free of charge.
  2. Online reservation, on this page.

• Note: our operators speak English and Russian.

Price for taxi transportation from/to Podgorica airport TGD

  • Podgorica airport – Budva 45eur
  • Podgorica airport – Bar 45eur
  • Podgorica airport – Kotor 60eur
  • Podgorica airport – Kolasin 50eur
  • Podgorica airport – Petrovac 40eur
  • Podgorica airport – Plav 100eur
  • Podgorica airport – Ulcinj 65eur
  • Podgorica airport – Tivat 65eur
  • Podgorica airport – Tirana 120eur
  • Podgorica airport – Zabljak 80eur


Taxi Travel is successfully company operating in the transportation business for  21 years. Our taxi vehicles are exclusive high-quality Mercedes Skoda and Volkswagen models, including minivans for transfers of bigger groups. Our drivers are professionals, who wait for a passenger at the airport, with a nameplate for an easy recognition in the crowd. In case of a flight delay, our taxi driver will wait as long as it takes (free of charge). In case of a child seat request, it is provided for free.

Simply said, we at Taxi Travel provide absolutely anything for a safe and relaxed travel.

The most comfortable and cost-effective way to travel from Podgorica airport (TGD) to the coast of Montenegro?


Let’s say you are looking for a transportation from airport Podgorica TGD to Budva. We have deliberately chosen Budva since this is the most visited town on the Montenegrin coast, and also the one which “separates” our coast into two almost equally long parts.


Taking a bus from Podgorica airport to Budva

If you want to take a bus to Budva, first you have to take a taxi from airport building to the main bus station in Podgorica. There are no bus lines in this relation, so taxi is the only way. Distance between airport and bus station is 11 kilometers (6.8 miles), which will take around 15 minutes to cover, and somewhere between 12 to 15 € (depending on the taxi company). That is if you don’t get a lift with an unregistered taxi driver, which would cost more.

Once at the station, you will buy a ticket which will cost you around 6-8 €, while the bus ride to Budva will take around 1h 30 minutes.

To sum up the bus transportation:

  • 15-minute taxi ride to bus station / price from 12 to 15 €
  • 1h 30 minute bus ride to Budva / price around 6-8 €
  • Total: around 2 hours of driving for a price of 18-23eur without calculation of local taxi in Budva who will drive you from bus station to your apartment!!!


Getting a taxi from Podgorica airport to Budva

With taxi directly to Budva, it will take you about 1 hour to get to your location from Podgorica airport, while the price is between 45 and 55 € depends on vehicle class. Right away, you can realize it takes half the time the bus needs. There is no waiting and the transfer is direct to your desired location. On the other hand, it takes twice the money than what you would pay for a bus.

To sum up the Taxi Transfer:

  • 1-hour drive with taxi to Budva / price in between 45 to 55 € comfort/business class


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your decision between these two options.

  • Are you ready to pay more for a taxi transfer?
  • Therefore, travel faster and more comfortable, especially in summer when some buses are not properly air-conditioned?
  • Or perhaps, you are ready to compromise with comfort and save some money by taking a bus?

• Data in this comparative is related to 2024. Please note that we haven’t taken into consideration unregisters taxi drivers who offer their services for a much higher price than one mentioned in this text.


Taxi from Podgorica airport for two or more people


In case a price for taxi transfer seems too much for your budget, keep in mind that when traveling with companions, you can share the cost of a taxi, while bus tickets are bought individually. When you take this into consideration, taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to Budva becomes way more cost effective.

The principle we had in this comparison is pretty similar to other locations. If you want to get to Kotor  or Ulcinj from the airport in Podgorica, logic is still the same, but some differences imply. Therefore, if you who would like to get a precise estimation and comparison between taxi and bus transportation from the airport in Podgorica to any city in Montenegro, just give us a call at +382 69 949 197, or use free calls via Viber and WhatsApp.

Finally, if you wish to rent a car in Podgorica, and even pick it up at the airport, you can contact our colleagues at Perfect Group.


Taxi Travel wishes you a safe travel and wonderful time in Montenegro!

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