This is how we organize taxi transfers from Tivat (TIV) airport in 3 simple steps


  1. When reserving a taxi, you will inform us about the date and time of your flight arrival, and the number of your flight. This guarantees that your taxi will be on time at the Tivat airport. In case your flight is delayed, you won’t have to worry. Since taxi driver knows your flight number, he will know about the delay and will wait for you (cost-free).
  2.  When your flight arrives and you pick up your baggage, our taxi driver will be at the airport exit. Note that the airport building is quite small with only one main exit, so you can’t miss our taxi driver. Either way, our driver will hold a sign with your name on it so you will recognize him right away.
  3. Just after your plane arrival, you will be getting in your taxi and heading to your location. Note that the taxi transfer price will be defined upfront. Therefore, with Taxi Travel there are no unexpected costs. Professional driver will take you to your destination, and upon arrival help you with the bags. At this point, taxi transfer is completed.


The easiest way to reserve a taxi transfer from the airport in Tivat.


In our taxi agency, you have two choices for a transfer reservation from Tivat airport. You can contact us via call or SMS at +382 69 949 197, through WhatsApp or Viber apps, therefore free of charge. Also, you can make an online reservation, at our website.

Note: our operators speak English and Russian.


What makes Taxi Travel a professional and reliable company?


There are many agencies and individuals offering taxi transfers from the airport in Tivat. We are distinguished by the following:

  • Doing taxi transfers for 15 years
  • We exclusively drive Volkswagen and Mercedes taxi vehicles, which you can view here
  • No matter how long your flight is delay, our taxi will wait for you – free of charge
  • After your airplane arrives, our taxi will wait for one more hour – free of charge
  • You get one baby car-seat free of charge
  • Taxi reservations are made directly with us

What other options are there for transportation from Tivat airport?


Basically, you have two options for a transfer from Tivat airport. One is by taxi. This way you will have comfort and get to your destination faster, but you will pay more than you would pay a bus ticket. Which leads us to the second transfer option – by bus.

If you choose to get a bus from Tivat, don’t expect comfort, or to get at to your location fast, but you will pay less for a bus ticket than you would for a taxi transfer.

Now, as a taxi agency, it is quite obvious for us to suggest a taxi transfer. But honestly, there are not many arguments for a bus transportation in Montenegro. Actually, besides the cheaper price we don’t see another reason, and here is why:

  • A bus station in Tivat is 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from from the airport, which is around 25-minute walk
  • In Summer, temperatures can get over 40 degree Celsius (103 Fahrenheit)
  • There aren’t a lot of well air-conditioned buses in Montenegro
  • Even though there are many buses coming and going in the Summer, it is fair to expect at least a bit of waiting


There is even a third option for a transportation from Tivat airport, and this one is not desirable at all. As Montenegro has many tourists in the Summer, there are also many taxi drivers, and some of them are not registered.
In case you haven’t reserved a taxi upfront and you don’t want to travel by bus, then your only option might be a taxi transfer by an unregistered company. This transfers can cost twice as regular agency price.

Hopefully, we gave you enough information about transfer options from Tivat airport. If you have any questions, feel free to use our contact form (at the bottom of the page).


Taxi Travel wishes you a safe travel and great vacation in Montenegro!

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