Taxi transfer from Kotor to the airport


If you are in Kotor and want to reserve a taxi to any airport or city in Montenegro and the region, then Taxi Travel can provide a service which will get you on the airport in time, safely and at very affordable prices. Some of the key advantages that put us in the top of the taxi companies in Montenegro are:

  • 20 years of experience in the taxi industry
  • Fixed prices for taxi transfers
  • We know Montenegrin roads and monitor traffic on a daily basis in order to find a most efficient way to the airport
  • Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles are the backbone of our taxi transfers
  • On request, we provide a free car seat for your child


When the price of a taxi is concerned, we are guided by our mission that quality service should be followed by an affordable price. Clearly presented taxi price, which does not imply any additional costs. Not leaving room for price variations, and giving passengers an insight into taxi prices before they decide to make a reservation.


Prices of our most popular taxi transfers from Kotor to airports and other locations


  • Kotor – Tivat (airport) = from 25 €
  • Kotor – Podgorica (airport) = from 65 €
  • Kotor – Dubrovnik (airport) = from 130 €
  • Kotor – Mostar = from 150 €
  • Kotor – Medjugorje = from 150 €
  • Kotor – Tirana airport – 160 €

These are our official, fixed prices that are not subject to additional costs. In addition to these, you can look for other destinations/prices in our search engine.

Reserving a taxi from Kotor in 3 ways

To reserve a taxi transfer from Kotor, you can choose either of these 3 options:

  1. Calling the phone number: +382 69 949 197 completely free of charge via Viber and WhatsApp applications, while our staff speaks English and Russian.
  2. Sending an email to taxi.mne@gmail. com
  3. Online booking through the reservation form on the homepage.

How to get to the airport in time?


Traffic jams in Kotor

Getting a taxi from Kotor to the airport can be very stressful. Whether you taking a taxi or other way of transportation, at some point, you think “what if I’m late”? Your concern is justified, because Kotor often has traffic jams due to many visitors, while there is only one road that all vehicles are passing through.

So, in order to arrive in time at the airport, the key question is not what road to choose, but when to start your transfer from Kotor? Because there is only one main road, and the city has many tourists, plus it is the main port of cruise ships that open the door for hundreds of visitors, there is no way of avoiding the traffic jam. So, it all comes down to knowing when the traffic jam occurs, and therefore when you should begin your transfer.

That is why we monitor the traffic in Kotor, the traffic on the road between Kotor and your destination, and also, we follow the schedule of cruise ship arrivals in Kotor.

Therefore, when reserving a taxi with us, we will suggest the departure time, which will make our transfer in time for your flight. Our confidence is based on 20 years of experience in providing taxi transfer services and over 200.000 passengers.


Traffic jams at the border to Dubrovnik(DBV) airport

If you are taking a taxi from Kotor to the airport in Dubrovnik, you need to keep thinking about traffic at the border crossing. Given that Montenegro is not a member of the European Union, and Croatia is. The transition is somewhat slower than it would have been if both countries were in the European Union. Therefore, a precise estimate of traffic at the border is crucial if you want to arrive at the airport in Dubrovnik on time.

That’s why we especially focus on time management for a taxi transfer to Dubrovnik airport. Our colleagues monitor live stream via border cameras. If they notice that the passage is too slow, then we will propose a border crossing called “Vitaljina”, which is located not far from the Debeli Brijeg pass. Vitaljina is a less popular border crossing, which in case of a traffic jam at Debeli Brijeg will be a more efficient option for getting past the border and getting to Dubrovnik airport in time.


The road from Kotor to the airport in Podgorica (TGD)

To avoid the traffic jam on this road you need to know the answers to two essential questions:

  1. When do traffic jams occur on the roads from Kotor to Podgorica?
  2. Which detour can be taken in case of a traffic jam?


For example, when entering Budva, on the way from Kotor, there are known traffic jams, especially during the time of day when most people are returning from the beach. However, if you know about a less popular “Toplis” road that is bypassing the main road, you will not get stuck in the column, yet you will avoid the traffic jam and reach your flight on time.


Considering our 20 years of experience on the Montenegrin roads, we know which one to take, and which to avoid at a certain time of the day, plus we constantly monitor the current state of traffic. We give our passengers an estimate of when we should start our transfer from Kotor to arrive at the airport in Podgorica on time. Our experience with more than 200.000 passengers is a guarantee that you will arrive at the airport on time.


Now that we have explained roads and possible traffic jams on the relations between Kotor and Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik. We believe that you will take the key facts into consideration. Anyhow, if you have any questions and would like to contact us, feel free to do so through our contact information in the footnote of our homepage.


Tax Travel wishes you a memorable holiday in Kotor!

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